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Cloud Computing

Yesterday IBM announced a new portfolio of cloud computing offerings for our clients, and they give our clients and partners a new range of options for the delivery and consumption of software to help them provide more flexibility within their businesses.  (http://www.ibm.com/cloud/)

It is no secret that cloud computing is causing significant changes to the software landscape.   It is providing new ways for software companies to deliver their applications, effectively shaping the way they go to market; and offering clients exciting new options around how they acquire and deploy software solutions. One of the areas I think IBM may have an advantage is that we offer a range of capabilities for Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud environments.

We can help our ecosystem of partners tap into these new opportunities – and help them understand how these new offerings can complement the capabilities we have joined launched with Amazon Web Services (http://aws.amazon.com/ibm/)

Looks like the announcement has been well received so far by press and analysts – let me know what you think!