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The BIG opportunities — and the IBM Recipe Book for Success

Despite all the hype about the big opportunities that exist in the IT marketplace – and the debate about how BIG the big data opportunity is, or how quickly the mobile revolution will overtake us, or how the cloud transformation will cause all sorts of problems to rain down on IT systems (see Steve Wozniak’s comments), or how cities need to become Smarter Cities to better handle the massive urbanization that is taking place around the globe, everyone agrees these are big opportunities for IBM and our partners to help clients transform their business.

As you would expect, IBM needs a broad range of partners to help us deliver solutions and services to clients in all of these areas – and we’re very focused on make it simple and clear to partners where the best opportunities are — and how partners can work with us in each of these areas.  We have thousands of client wins in these areas and most of them involve partners as part of the client value equation.

This week I’ll be at our Silicon Valley Innovation Center talk about these BIG opportunities and laying out the partnering receipe book for success.  I’ll be hosting our ISV Leadership Forum that is open to partners and software vendors from all across the Valley and I look forward to seeing many new partners at the event!   It’s a great opportunity for you to come and learn from other partners who have found great success in teaming with IBM!

If you want to attend — here’s the info and registration page.

I hope to see you there!


IBM Software Now All Priced For the Cloud!

Today at our Impact event in Las Vegas, we’re excited to announce two new great opportunities for partners to take advantage of as they capitlize on the demand for cloud computing solutions.

To help start-up companies and IBM Business Partners more easily build their own cloud applications and infrastructures with IBM technology, today we announced:

  1. New monthly rental pricing of IBM software for any ISV delivering their Software as a Service application with IBM middleware.  This allows ISVs to deliver their SaaS applications with IBM software and scale up or down the software licenses needed monthly, complementing the flexible manner these ISVs bill clients for their SaaS applications.
  2. New financing programs specifically designed for IBM Business Partners building cloud computing technical environments.  With low cost to 0% financing and deferred payments up to 6 months on IBM technology and services, the company will offer qualifying partners the opportunity to avoid large up-front costs as they start their cloud businesses.

One of the coolest features of the new pricing models is that you can commit total usage across a range of 20 key products and true up at the end of each month in total.  This is one of the key areas our partners told us would really help – so we can all get out of trying to forecast usage at each product area and instead focus on driving new business.

You can get all the details at ibm.com/cloud.   Full press release here.

The new offerings come on the heels of IBM’s newly announced enterprise cloud service delivery platform, the IBM SmartCloud, announced last week!  And of course they build on the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty program for partners and the new Cloud Computing Community we announced in late February which will enable IBM to develop the IT industry’s broadest ecosystem of companies providing a wide range of cloud computing services and technologies.
And in case anyone wonders if we are embracing Cloud – just a reminder that our recent 2011 Investor meeting, we laid out the company’s 2015 roadmap on the continued transformation of IBM with focus on higher value capabilities.  Our CFO, Mark Loughridge stated that IBM projects $7 billion in Cloud  revenue by 2015.

Yup – $7 billion.

Special thanks to our IBM Business Partners TOTVS, GROUP Solutions Group, CloudOne, Availity, along with many other early  adopters of our pilot pricing program, for helping us refine the monthly software rental pricing models.

Cloud Computing

Yesterday IBM announced a new portfolio of cloud computing offerings for our clients, and they give our clients and partners a new range of options for the delivery and consumption of software to help them provide more flexibility within their businesses.  (http://www.ibm.com/cloud/)

It is no secret that cloud computing is causing significant changes to the software landscape.   It is providing new ways for software companies to deliver their applications, effectively shaping the way they go to market; and offering clients exciting new options around how they acquire and deploy software solutions. One of the areas I think IBM may have an advantage is that we offer a range of capabilities for Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud environments.

We can help our ecosystem of partners tap into these new opportunities – and help them understand how these new offerings can complement the capabilities we have joined launched with Amazon Web Services (http://aws.amazon.com/ibm/)

Looks like the announcement has been well received so far by press and analysts – let me know what you think!

Why Bother?

So as I start my blog, many close colleagues in the industry have asked the ever important and sometimes dreaded  “Why….?” question.   Since that is one of my favorite questions for all parts of life — I thought it would be worth answering as the starting point for our discussion.

So why start this blog?  As I reflected on this over the past few weeks I think it comes down to three key areas –

1) To help facilitate a discussion of good ideas and examples within the IT industry – and within the ecosystem of the broader business community that we are all part of.

2) To share ideas and observations from the intersection of sales, marketing, partnerships, and general management in hi-tech and other industries.

3) To listen and learn from all my colleagues and partners around the world in these areas and to discuss related topics in international business, travel, culture, work-life balance, social media, the role of business in society and other relevant topics for our networks.

In my current role at IBM Developer Relations, I have the privilege of working key software, technology, and venture capital partners all around the world.  Each interaction presents an opportunity for insights and learning – and for the conversation to continue.  I hope that you will join me in the discussion – here on this blog, via Twitter, and in person at every chance we get.