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Since it has been awhile since I have posted anything here at my blog – I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on what direction to take with the postings for 2010.   Part of my approach will be to shorter postings to try and share ideas and gather some perspectives from marketing in high-tech, as well as other key parts of the global economy.

Over the weekend I saw for the first time the new Dominos ad campaign, which shows how they finally “heard” the common feedback about their pizza being bland, or their crust tasting like “cardboard.”  In fact the cardboard comment is exactly what my son says everytime we order Dominos!  So it really resonated with me…  If you haven’t seen the ads – you can find them all here —> http://www.pizzaturnaround.com/

More importantly though – I think the ads show that their VP of Marketing & Innovation (a classmate of mine at Notre Dame – Brandon Solano) had to find a way to get the external feedback acted on within the company.   One of the key challenges we often face as marketers is to understand the commonly held perceptions that exist about our products or services.  Then we have to mobilize our companies to make the difficult changes required to overcome them.  Often the first step is the hardest – enabling our companies to “face the music” and recognize the truth of “hard to hear” client feedback.

So are their common perceptions of IBM that we need to “face up to” and then begin to act on?  Do we have anyone thinking our product is like “cardboard?”