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Even Greater Than A Grand Slam — Quintuple Leadership!

As clients transform their businesses to embrace cloud, mobile, and big data – our teams in WebSphere have been relentlessly re-inventing our portfolio to drive new innovations in these areas to accelerate client adoption and value from our portfolio. We all know the many stories about tech companies losing their way because they “missed a wave” or missed a shift in the marketplace, and certainly inside WebSphere we are vigilant to make sure we never make that mistake.

Given the magnitude of the marketplace shifts – it’s incredible to see the evolution of WebSphere over the past fifteen months. In just that short time-span our teams have:

  • Launched a new portfolio and brand for Mobile – IBM MobileFirst
  • Launched a new set of solutions for API Management
  • Developed whole new set of capabilities for Smarter Process – our business process software portfolio
  • Invented and launched a new line of services for the Internet of Things – our MessageSight offerings.
  • And developed new sets of composable services for our core WebSphere portfolio around WebSphere App Server, DataPower, MQ, and Cast Iron.

And the good news is that the investments and transformation of the portfolio is being recognized. For the first time ever, our WebSphere portfolio is now cited as the leader in five broad areas in the Gartner Magic Quadrants:

  1. Application Services Governance – leadership for our new WebSphere API Management, Datapower and SOA solutions
  2. On-Premises Application Platforms – leadership for our WebSphere Application Server solution
  3. Mobile Application Development Platforms·– leadership for Worklight solution
  4. On-Premises Application Integration Suites – leadership for WebSphere MQ, Integration Bus & Cast Iron solutions
  5. Business Process Management Suites – leadership for our BPM and Decision Management solutions

Obviously to be cited as the leader in all five areas is quite an accomplishment – congrats to our Product Management and Development teams around the world!

So what is better than a grand slam? I guest best analogy would be a five-point play, which is one of the rarest feats in basketball! Quintuple is the official word for “five of something” so here’s the WebSphere’s Quintuple Leadership!


IBM Cited as the Leader in new market of API Management

As new technology trends emerge, it’s always reported that upstart companies who are “more nible and can move faster” than big ole IBM tend to get early leadership in new markets.    So we are more proud than ever to be recognized for our newly crowned leadership position in the only Gartner magic quadrant that covers API Management—the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Services Governance.  In this quadrant report, Gartner coins the term “Application Services Governance,” to encompass the technologies of APIs, API management, SOA, and service management, demonstrating their belief (and our IBM viewpoint) that the two areas (APIs and SOA) constitute a single market.

So while there is lots of noise about the some upstart competitors like Apigee, Mashery, and Layer 7 in the API management space, IBM is the one cited by Gartner as the clear leader in both our strategy and our ability to execute.

But that’s not all. The emergence of an Application Services Governance segment signals the renaissance of Service Orientation. It’s the reinforcement that exposing and managing services – and their latest incarnation as web APIs – is the foundation to support mobile and cloud initiatives. With the emergence of the API economy, and the need for our new capabilities for developer self-service, and service metering and analytics, IBM is uniquely positioned to lead the API and Service Management space.  

To that end, we are continuing to strengthen the linkage of our WebSphere SOA and API management products – IBM DataPower, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), and IBM API Management – to simplify integration and deliver on the value of service orientation in an API-centric world.

This leadership deserves a special shout-out to Nicolas Robbe and his extended team – he’s our leader for the API Economy solutions and has done an incredible job building our portfolio of offerings and establishing IBM as the clear leader in the API market.

New WebSphere solutions for Mobile, Cloud and Smarter Process

This week in Singapore at our IBM InterConnect event, our WebSphere business made several significant new product announcements to help clients embrace Cloud, Mobile and Smarter Process. Innovations in these areas are transforming client enterprises by helping them anticipate with greater insight, adapt to change proactively and interact in entirely new ways.

One area of announcements focuses on mobile solutions. Customers are demanding a seamless mobile experience and the ability to transact anytime, anywhere. Any organization that dares to not provide a top-notch mobile experience to customers is sure to be passed over for a competitor that does. The new IBM Mobile IBV study found that while most companies recognize the need for a mobile strategy to effectively compete in the future, less than half of organizations demonstrate characteristics of a well-defined strategy. The companies that have a clear direction for their mobile efforts, are already outperforming companies that do not. Key mobile announcements include:

  • A new version of IBM Worklight further accelerates service-driven application development
  • A new IBM UrbanCode plugin for Worklight automates mobile application deployment and availability from development through test and production 

Updates to the cloud portfolio address the application challenges organizations are facing in developing traditional on-premise applications, cloud-born applications and new mobile applications. These applications must work together seamlessly across a range of devices. IBM helps meet these development and integration needs with a comprehensive set of software, tools and services on the cloud. IBM is migrating the WebSphere portfolio of products and capabilities to IBM Softlayer and the cloud, providing organizations the ability to create and consume applications in the whatever way makes most sense for their business. The shift of WebSphere to cloud is enabling:

  • Private hosting: Bring your own license WebSphere software running on a dedicated platform as a service – on premise or hosted
  • As a Service: Pay as you go WebSphere software running on a shared platform as a service (public PaaS and BPaaS)
  • Composable Services: Individual, high value services and assets that developers can access in the cloud to build and run next gen web and mobile applications 

Smarter Process
New process capabilities are helping companies to reinvent business design and process to accelerate delivery and increase ROI. Smarter processes result in optimized operations, increased business agility and better decision-making. IBM business process solutions provide inherent value by enabling a customer-centric approach to operations. Here’s what’s new with Smarter Process:

  • A new version of IBM Blueworks Live on IBM Cloud enhances analysis and process summary
  • A new Decision Engine for IBM Operational Decision Manager delivers internet speed performance with a minimum resource footprint

To find out more about these announcements and how they can help your organization get a leg up on the competition, check out the upcoming posts on the IBM Impact blog that will drill into each of these three areas.