Yes Its True….!

Over the past few weeks it has been rumored that I was taking a new role to lead Mobile marketing across IBM – and yes it’s true! (Special shout out to thevarguy for reporting it first…) As many of you know, for the past three years I’ve had the privilege of leading IBM’s business development and marketing around all of IBM’s ISV partners, our start-up programs and our efforts around the globe with colleges and universities. As my good colleague Mike Grandinetti often said when he introduced me at various start-up or venture capital events “Mike has one of the coolest titles and jobs in IBM…”

It was a cool job indeed — working with our best ISV/application alliance partners, so many entrepreneurs and leading edge inventors in the start-up community, and so many great teachers and administrators at colleges around the world who dedicate their lives to teaching and empowering students to be successful in life. It has been incredible to see the uptake of IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy in all these areas – with hundreds of key ISVs embracing our Smarter Planet industry blueprints, over 1000+ start-ups working on cool smarter planet related business models amidst our venture capital network, and millions of students (literally) being trained on key new skills like analytics, mobile technologies, smarter commerce, smarter healthcare, and so many other areas.

And quite honestly – I expect a similarly cool outcome in my new job leading the mobile computing marketing and strategy for IBM around the globe.  As you would all expect, IBM sees the mobile revolution as one of the great technology revolutions facing our clients and the technology industry and we’ll be leveraging all of our company’s strengths to help our clients adapt and leverage the mobile era.

Judging by most of the discussions I have had during my first month in the role – it feels like we’re still in the very early stages of the mobile revolution. As Dan Rowinski of RedWriteMobile said to me at a small gathering of thought leaders last week in Boston – mobile consumer is at 3.0 and companies are at 1.0. So we’re just a the beginning of the mobile revolution. In some ways it feels like the beginning of the web revolution – everyone knows they need to embrace mobile somehow, many are putting out new apps to get started, but very few companies have a holistic, breakthrough strategy to really take advantage of the mobile revolution.

Are you seeing similar? Can you share any great breakthrough strategies you have seen in the mobile space?


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