Global Entrepreneur Winner Sproxil expands partnership with IBM

Back in June 2010 – a little company named Sproxil sprung onto the scene of the global healthcare market by winning the IBM Smartcamp competition in Boston, MA.  Since they won our event competition, Sproxil has been featured for their cool solution on CNN, on the BBC, in the Wall Street Journal, and in other media outlets all over the globe.

Sproxil provides a mobile product authentication service that can be applied to various industry specific problems to ensure products are authentic before they are consumed.   You can see their CEO in this video talking about their solution — in this case providing a safe, reliable, scalable way for citizens to verifty that the perscription drugs they are consuming are legitimate, and have not been tampered with.  This enables the pharmaceutical industry to reduce drug counterfeiting and allows consumers to verify the authenticity of prescriptions in seconds with their mobile phones.

Today at IBM, we’re pleased to announce that Sproxil is collaborating with IBM and  is extending manufacturers’ ability to view and analyze real time consumer data to detect and prevent drug counterfeiting in developing countries, where 25 to 50 percent of medicines are believed to be counterfeit, costing the industry $75 billion a year. With the collaboration, Sproxil also uses IBM’s cloud service to provide clients with secure, reliable data access virtually anywhere.

Sproxil’s partnership with IBM builds on IBM’s rich portfolio offerings for Smarter Healthcare.   If you are at our IPMACT event today n , please be sure to find Dr Ashifi Gogo and congratulate him on his cool solution and partnership with IBM!


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