Lots of -ING

It’s hard to believe today is December 1st, and it’s been about a month since I did a blog post!   As I reflect on why it’s taken me so long – I concluded it’s due to lots of -ING.

Listening – to all our Partners at our European and North American Advisory Councils that were held in the Hursley, England and in Chicago, Illinois.  We received an enormous amount of feedback regarding our Smarter Planet strategy (they love it and need more help with it), our partner programs, and our priorities for 2010!   Special thanks to our partners that were part of the Advisory Council – 3Com, Adobe, Akamai, Carefx, Corent, Crossview, Fundtech, iEnterprises, Mesa Technology, Panduit, Rackwise, Sterling Commerce, and VAI.

Learning – I have spent quite a bit of time talking with our partners to understand what they are seeing in the market. So far, I would say there is cautious optimism that the economy is getting better and will be on the reboud for 2010.

And especially Thanksgiving! – here is the USA this is probably my favorite holiday.  The tradition is all about getting together with family, and spending time being thankful for the blessings of the past year.  It’s not encumbered by expectations or the hustle-bustle of gift-giving, and it’s alwaysa  nice four-day weekend.   So to my American colleagues around the world – I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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