Cloud Computing Event – Coming Up in San Jose!

Join me at the SIIA On Demand Cloud Computing Event next week in San Jose!

Yep that’s me talking about cloud computing and the SIIA OnDemand conference.  And I meant what I said:  you should join me at the SIIA On Demand Conference ( in San Jose.  This conference will have such great practical advice – we’ll be hearing from experts about how to drive more revenue in this tough economy.  They’ll talk about using social media marketing techniques, new pricing strategies, and lots of other ways you can see results quickly.  There’s also going to be a large forum for hearing actual real world success (and failures) that you can learn from and apply to your business.

As I mentioned in the video, if you come for the first day, you can join me at an IBM-hosted pre-conference event Oct. 28.  And come by and say hi on the second day, when I’ll be part of a panel discussing “Channel Strategies That Win: A View From the Top.”

Find out more about the conference at these links:

Look at the conference overview –
Join the LinkedIn group once you register:
Browse the current attendee list –
Review the conference agenda –
Register today –  Enter promo code PRMSPKR and save $100.
I look forward to seeing you there!


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