A new twist on web 2.0 social networking tools

As I travel around the world working with our software partners – I try and keep an eye out for interesting and effective marketing campaigns.  Today as I changed planes in Boston Logan airport on my way to London and then Bangalore, I saw a series of adds for Dentyne gum that caught my eye.

Here’s one of the ads below –

And then another one next to it was –

Given that my wife and I were living in Boston and Washington DC during our year of engagement, and our wedding anniversary is today (don’t worry – we celebrated with a fine dinner at  Sequoia in Georgetown last night!) – I can relate this image in a special way!

But more importantly, from a marketing point of view, these ads seem to be pretty effective at a nice juxtaposition of the online world with the real world.  And if you check out their web site, it has a 3-minute limit on it (check out the creative different  “clocks” you can choose from in upper right corner), so that you can get back to the business of face-time with real people.

Kind of an interesting marketing campaign, check it out and let me know what you think!


One thought on “A new twist on web 2.0 social networking tools

  1. Sandeep Verghese

    Loved the Campaign Mike.

    Dont know how successful this campaign is, but I think it goes to show how great your marketing can be if you touch someone on an emotional note.
    I think it proves for great recall!


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